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7 Jul

It seems to me that all I do is complain, but is there anything other than complain which I can do? I am at a stage where I do not seem to know how to maneuver my life. What I feel is that I have a loveless life, and the irony of it all, I married for love! I just seem to see this whole marriage as a huge sham and I do not know what I can do. 

We are a stage that now we do nothing but sleep in separate rooms, have our meals together ( at times) , and sit in the same room doing different things. I guess you can say that this is the stage where you would be so comfortable in each other’s company?? But, that is not what I am looking for? I think I still want the love and expression. I want to be cherished, maybe I just will never have enough of that, and that seems to be too kiddish to him. I am even willing to accept that, but when did no expression become the no adulthood karma? 

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