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Our first trip

21 Oct

The sheer happiness that I see when she is being strapped onto her car seat and the joy as she sees each car and building pass by is a sight to watch. We went on our first road trip with her, where she is all of 5 months and we drove for 5 -6 hours. She was a perfect travel companion, and saw the world outside, sat in her car seat most of the time, and then let me know with sudden fidgeting that she was hungry or uncomfortable in the car seat.

She was nevertheless, a very adjusting traveller and decided to feed in the car, sleep in her seat, or in my arms. She was not bothered by her co-travellers also too much. She was all in all very adjusting.

One of the main things which I did notice was that, frequent breaks were needed as there is really only so much of looking out of the window a small one can do. They also do not like to be handled by too many people when they are traveling, and as it is in a different environment than what they are used to.

As an after effect of all the traveling, I also noticed that she was slightly constipated, and giving some water was something I wanted to do. I thought they do get tired and thirsty and not being able to give water was an issue which I faced. I tried to feed her many times, so that she is hydrated and eases her stomach. With a bottle of water in hand, it becomes much simpler to soothe a baby. Another thing which I noticed was that a favorite toy was a must. She would spend hours just playing with her toy and in between casually look at the world passing by.

Once we reached our destination, she was also thrilled to be able to relax and stretch herself on a flat surface. I carried with me a piece of her bedding, so that she would be not in a complete alien surrounding. I would be sleeping right beside her, but still. She was quite tired with the sitting and traveling. She slept peacefully through the whole night, and was fresh as a pumpkin the next day to explore the place.

I hope this trip would be a good precursor for many more such wonderful breaks we can take to the places around Bangalore.

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