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First Nick

14 Dec

I think I was petrified. And then I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I was about to just pick up the phone and call the husband, and demand we go to the doctor ASAP, but some sense came over me and I decided that let me just see how Tee takes it. She stopped crying in a min but I could see there was a small nick and there was a drop of blood. I swiftly cleaned in with a wet cotton ball and then put some baby cream on it. She was not too happy with me touching it, but then somehow put it for her.

So now that we have started with the hurt count, I do not know how it would be panning out.

How did she fall?

Tee has been trying to stand, in fact she has been standing with the support of her rocker pushed against the wall now. This time the rocker was adjacent to the chair, and she tried to move from the rocker to the chair, by carefully moving her one hand to the chair. Till then all was good. But, when she moved her other hand to the chair, she slipped and fell down scrapping her forehead against the chair and hence the nick. I was close by, but was just allowing her to do what she wants. I just wanted to be close by to see what she does and to catch her of she happens to trip. At least that was the plan. It did not work out, which is a completely different story altogether.

Was I doing something wrong? I thought the best way for her to learn was to do things herself and discover. She learnt how to stand with the help of her rocker all by herself. So, I thought this was really the best way to learn. But, maybe I need to re-think this strategy after yesterday.

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