A little over a year

30 May

A very intermittent blog this has been. A place for me to vent? Maybe. But, also a place where I wished to write out those things which I learnt while raising my child.

More than a year and now I have a running, babbling kid who knows where I go and what I do. Someone who follows me around and who likes to know all that I do. Someone who wants me to read to her and sit and play with her. Someone who loves going for walks and going out in the car.

A year where I have felt feelings which I did not know of and seeing my life change in ways I had never imagined. This makes one think and truly cherish the time that you have. You really do not know when what will change. And things might just change forever. There would be no chance to see the past, experience it or know what is it that you loved about it. Everything is a one way road. I think I have realized this the hard way. I have started to cherish my days and enjoy them. I know I will never get it back. I need to know that I had everything I wanted, as there is no tomorrow.

Being a parent is a very stressful job and one which might take a toll on your temper too. Days when you want to shout at anyone willing to listen and days when you want to go and sleep the day, or  with a book in bed. Parenting makes you feel loved and wonderful, but it also does make you see how life would be ahead. It’s a different story altogether now and something which would require some getting used to.


I am certain there are some thoughts crossing your mind...

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