The stuff

30 Mar

How much does sex matter when you are a mother?

I think it matters pretty much the same way as for any woman. She has her needs and she would certainly like it to be satisfied by her husband than herself.

Then, do husbands think the wives do not enjoy it anymore? Or is she more interested to be thinking about the child always? What is the reason for husbands to move away from this small thing which makes a hell of a difference?

Do the mother seem non appealing to you … now that she has a child in tow and she is not the free bird who you married? But don’t you forget that you are also a part reason she is a mother too. If because of her being a mother, you find her any less appealing, then maybe its time you thought how this marriage is going to work.

Many mothers would love to have some peace and a warm bed to rest in at night, and someone to hold them and be with them through this taxing time, but if you think thats too much to ask, then again, maybe your concept of a marriage and companionship does not reel in with the modern woman.


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