Weight loss post partum

4 Jan

Let us start at the very beginning. I did not put on too many kilos to start with, there was a natural increase, but then that stopped when I delivered and was breast feeding. Now, it has come where I am not breastfeeding actively anymore, as Tee has started on formula feed, and a semi solid diet. This was also accompanied with my increase in waistline. I noticed it almost after a month, as now the body starts to ask for more food, and I do not want to give my body anymore food than required.

Apart from this, I also want to look at exercise, as I see that there is a part of me which has started with the aches and I know this is the inactivity speaking. I feel that I need to get myself together and then alone will I be able to work through this weight putting on phase. Everyone had warned me that you will put on kilos once you stop breastfeeding, and that is something which I have been doing. Now, I have realized that, and now it is time for some control to be enforced and put a stop to the same.

As a start, a check on the food intake and one of the most important things I have seen is that I need to start phase out dinner as a meal, an convert it to small snack. I want to keep breakfast healthy and lunch on a full meal like.

Apart from the food side, I also want to start with an hour long gym session as soon as possible. This will help me curb the inactivity which has set into my life and keep fit. I wish to start off with cardio intensive and then start with weights gradually, but eventually I want to move onto more weights and a very basic cardio workout.


I am certain there are some thoughts crossing your mind...

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