Too quick to wean

2 Nov

As we proceed with the weaning process, now the spitting and splatter has certainly reduced to very marked levels. I previously was of the opinion that having an apron on oneself was the best option. But, now, my daughter has made me change that statement.

I have now started to also give her another meal which is not milk. I have introduced Ragi ( Finger Millet ) as the next option. I have found some powdered form of Ragi, which I mix with a 1:1 mixture of milk and luke warm water. Following this, I continuously stir it over a slow fire, and it immediately starts to thicken like porridge. I let this mixture cool and add some sugar to sweeten it. Once cooled I spoon this to Tee and she seems to like this a lot. This is a very smooth mixture, in fact much more smooth that cerelac, so I think she find this easier to swallow.

This month, I started her on Cerelac- Rice. I did try the wheat- apple mix last month, and she was not too fussy about it, and had it like she would her plain wheat cerelac. Apart from this, I also am trying to keep small very well mashed rice in her mouth for her to just get a flavor of real food. Fruits is something which I have not started to give her, and I think I should be doing that soon. I need to read up on what is the best starting fruits, light and also what is the best way to introduce it to her. I am aiming for something like apple stew, or banana very well done, and puree. I have heard there is also something available in the market which is a banana and milk mixture which can be mixed with a little milk/water and given as a feed. I have to go and find this product if possible.

Tee has completed six months now, and I have been wondering whether I am becoming too demanding on her intake of food. Do I make her have more solids than she wants to? I am not too sure. I did in between I think, and then that affected her system, and she was constipated too. So, now I have started to make sure that the Cerelac or the Ragi whichever I give her is not of a thick consistency, and I try to ensure that it is easy to pour into the bottle which I use. The poor girl had a bad bout of constipation, all because I just thought my girl was too grown up than she actually is.


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