Spit and Splatter

21 Sep

Been a while and now my daughter is all of 4 months. She has started to recognize people and knows who is carrying her about, and would certainly prefer someone who she knows, as compared to unknown faces. I guess that is certainly a part of growing up.

Another development has been that I have started to feed her small quantities of semi-solid food, mainly Cerelac. I have started with the stage one, flavored with just plain wheat. And, how is she taking it? I think she was happy with being just breast-fed, but now with the change in food, it is a true battlefield trying to take her to eat that 2oz of cerelac which I make. This too I do not make very thick as I feel she might not be able to swallow it easily, though at times I think its better to make it thicker and hence reduce the amount to be ingested. It is certainly not easy to see your child cry with tears streaming down in refusal to have the food being given. But, what is the other alternative? I see only one option, which is to change the flavor, as it is possible that wheat is not her favorite!

My mother was suggesting that I try a little ragi soaked overnight in water and mashed to a puree form, instead of the wheat flavored Cerelac, as maybe it is just not palatable to her. I have not tried this as yet… but with the passing days I think she has understood that one meal is Cerelac and she is quite happy to gulp it down. I use this weaning bottle which is really good. Its squeezable, the flow of the semi solid substance inside is very slow, so it does not spill very easily. It is also possible to allow Tee to touch and explore the food by hand as the spoon is not full at all times, and also the bottle allows for less spillage when she accidentally jerks her arms around.

Now the next step will be introduce her to Rice also as a cereal option. I do not want to start on fruits unless she is a full 5 months, which will be in not more than 2 weeks!

Time sure does fly!


2 Responses to “Spit and Splatter”

  1. Smitha September 30, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    Aww! Brings back my memories of daughter that age. I had started her on fruits when she was 5 +. Here they recommend no solids until 6 – as far as possible. I had started her on fruits, as I was going back to work, and wanted to get her to try a few solids before I went back to work. She used to love fruits. And the baby rice we get here – after she turned 6 months.

    • JustAgirl March 30, 2012 at 7:20 am #

      Tee does not really enjoy fruits too much. Bananas yes, but the more sweet they are, she refuses.

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