My kid story

2 Sep

Pregnant woman

I just realized that I have been writing about mostly everything which I am faced with at present, and I have not really said anything about my pregnancy.

Ours was not a classic trial which ended in a pregnancy, and hence we found out pretty late ( read 4 months in) and I had no intention to have a kid also. Nevertheless, once we found out, and had our first ultrasound at 16 weeks, we were so awed and thrilled with seeing the small tiny fingers and elbow. We were so shocked, as most friends with kids had told us, you would not really see anything in the ultrasound  the first time, but none of them told us that the first time is usually at 6 weeks, and not 16 weeks!

After seeing a small life within me, I was extra cautious and in a way scared that I was not at all careful through the first entire trimester. And that is when most docs and relatives would have asked any expectant mothers to be most careful through this first trimester. This is the time when there is the highest chances of a miscarriage, if the mother is not fit and healthy. I was traveling and working through these months, was having very hectic schedules, and not eating proper also.

From there, I was just looking forward to the movements, to feel what that ultrasound was showing me. There were many days when I used to just glance through the ultrasound pictures, and wonder how is it that something like this truly happens. How much ever I know the biology behind it, the true feeling of a small human being within is something which can not be explained!

And, the first time I felt a slight rumble like sensation within me, I sat up and waited for it to happen again. But, she took her time for her next movement, a small being sure gets tired easily! And then after a few days, the movements were more pronounced and as months moved on, the movements became thuds and rolls and pushes to create more space in the diminishing area.

On our 7th month ultrasound, the technician told that all is good, but she happened to mention that the umbilical cord was knotted, something which is called a true knot, and not a good thing for the baby nutrition. The doctor said there is nothing to do at this point, we need to wait and see during the delivery. After getting home, I googled, and was down in tears. Why did I just trust a search result? I do not know, but I think we have come to a place where we take what technology throws at us really seriously. Here is a link explaining what a true knot is, and below is what is said in this paper for a true knot.

” If loose, a true knot will not lead to fetal compromise. However, if the knot tightens–for example at the time of delivery–fetal blood flow through the umbilical cord vessels can become occluded, leading to fetal demise. “

We were to go in again for a ultrasound to determine whether the knot truly exists, and we did go after a week. This time a different technician said there is no knot after a thorough examination. This did calm me down immensely, but yes, I was worried as its very common that one ultrasound does show some features, where as another doesn’t. This is not because of an error, but mostly because of a difference in the alignment of the baby inside the uterine cavity. So, frankly speaking we did not know what to believe, and the doc just said we’ll wait and watch.

Time flew by, and then came the 38th week. Another ultrasound. There again seemed to be no anomaly in the umbilical cord, but the docs said there seems to be a definitive descent and things should start anytime from next week on. The due date kept changing with every ultrasound, but thats not to be taken seriously. Rather, one should just consider the date as per your ovulation cycle. In my case though, that was not a plausible solution, as I had no recollection of when my last menses was. Like I said, I found out that I am carrying only when I was already through with my first trimester.

A part of me was getting tired of the whole waiting and the docs were already saying that my kid was fully developed, and it was just a matter of time now. This made me want to speed up the process. I started reading at Babycenter what are the ways to induce labour, in a natural way, and let me say the most appealing one of the lot for me, was just indulging in some fun sex! The chemicals in the semen are said to help in the dilation of the cervix, which is how it helps to induce labour naturally. Anyhow, we were watching a movie, and generally fooling around for the fair part of the evening, and thats when I started to feel some constricted feeling in my lower abdominal area. Like most expecting mom,s I did not take it seriously, as prior to this also, I have had similar feeling which just disappeared after a while. So we went off to bed, and I was woken up in the middle of the night with a jolt, and I knew then this is it! Following this I had very little sleep, woken up usually in a matter of 15 – 20 mins after I have successfully pulled myself through the light but slightly painful contractions.

I guess everyone knows that delivery is painful for sure, and mine was no different, a vaginal birth, and as painful as I have ever experienced anything till date. I was in labour from about 11 pm at night, till the next afternoon 1, and I delivered by 1:21 pm. There was slight fetal distress seen when it was around noon time, and then I was given a amnioinfusion. After delivery as the placenta came out, it was seen that there was a TRUE KNOT, which might have been the reason for the fetal distress also. And the chances of a true knot are pretty rare, and there I had that !

Oh well… so thats my kid story!


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2 Responses to “My kid story”

  1. Zofia Masher October 14, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    In spite of the emotional and physical trauma, the greater number of women goes on to have a pregnancy which is normal within time pan of a year also after recovering from an tubal/ectopic one. Pregnancy is a phenomenal time in a woman’s life and through knowledge and awareness, along with modern treatments, the baby which is a miracle and life’s most precious gift can be preserved.

  2. Chatterbox September 30, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    I am glad everything turned out fine in the end 😀
    I am a new mom and your story made me realise it’s high time I record my birth story too 🙂
    Absolutely loved your writing style and I’d love to be a regular reader 😀 😀 😀

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