The new mom

27 Jul

If you ask me, kids need an immense amount of patience and that requirement does not change with time. At the start, you have yourself having no clue what is it that they want, is it some sleep, food or are they in some pain.

Is it too cold, is the dress irritating them, there are infinite options which seem to present themselves in front of you and all you are to do is partake in the guessing game. It can be quite draining at times, especially without some moral support. Nights lacking of sleep, and keeping oneself sane through the long nights is not a very easy task. There might be some nights when they just look like days to the young one.. and the days are always days for us. To get accustomed to all these crazy ideas one needs an anchor, and an anchor in the form of someone who knows how to handle kids is a great help.

There are many aspects which are new to every mom and things which do not make any sense how much ever the amount of reading you have done. It prepares you surely, but it does not still take away the confusion and surprise which is still bound to be. Some kids seem to want to feed so often, whereas some love to sleep and wake up only when they can no longer stand the hunger. In either case, as a mother, one would be hassled. This is one of the reasons its nice to have support for however long you can. I must also add at this point that having the support can get you really used to having someone to look up to, and when the time comes to step up and take care of your kid, you might just be slightly lost. But lost you will be for just a while, and then you start

Another very trying task with new-born babies, is bathing them. They are tiny, wriggly and to top it without a stable neck. All these put together makes giving them a bath with one hand always a difficult task. One of the best methods I have come across for this is to cradle them in your arm with their head resting on the bend of your elbow and in this position, have them in a sitting – lying position within a tub or a flat surface. This ensures that you are at peace with the fact that they are safe and will not slip, and also, one of your hands is free to reach out for bathing necessities.

A much more simpler solution is using a baby tub, which comes with a detachable net which is suspended over the tub on which the baby can be laid down. This gives the mother more confidence and also ensures the baby is most comfortable. There are tubs which has a drain which can be opened and closed as per wish. The net can be removed and the tub can be further used even when the kid is older by seating the kid in the tub. One of the reasons which I like this tub is the drain which allows the kid not to be seated in the dirty water during the bath while lying on the net or when the kid is big enough to sit and have a bath.

Another option which I was considering is the mould onto which you may place the baby and then bathe. But, even in this set up, I saw that there could be some water which collects at the dips in the mould. I was very certain i do not want my baby to be lying in dirty water, so hence went with the net option.

Here is a picture of the tub with the fitted net, which I use.


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